What’s the difference between “Instant Book”, “Book” and “Enquire”?

“Instant Book” is our fully integrated fast booking system that allows you to quickly and easily book your chosen adventure online with just a few clicks. Confirmation will be sent directly via email. No hassle, no worries!

Adventures, activities and experiences with a simple “Book Online” button allow you to book online, however, you will be taken outside of the Travel Scavenger site to perform your booking. These external booking systems may vary in complexity. Most of these options will offer online confirmation.

“Enquire” denotes an adventure, activity or experience that is not directly or immediately bookable online. The “enquire” button will take you to the operator’s site and/or contact information where you will be able to get in touch with them directly in order to book.

“Visit Site” will take you to the home page of any tours with an “Enquire” or “Book Online” button so you can find out even MORE info about the activity. This button is also offered for activities that do not require any booking, such as free walking tours.

When will you have more cities/countries on offer?

We’re currently working with Sydney as our beta with plans to grow within to include more Australian cities and regions within our first year.

After that…world domination!

Is it safe to book online?

Bookings that take place inside the Travel Scavenger system using our “Instant Book” function are performed with trusted and reputable booking software that is secured by 128 bit SSL encryption. This helps to ensure that the data transmitted remains confidential. Travel Scavenger does our best to ensure the safety of your information. For more information please check out our Privacy Policy.

While we do our best to select and work with reputable third-party operators we can make no guarantees as to the safety and security of bookings made outside of the Travel Scavenger “Instant Book” system through external or third party links.

What is your cancellation policy?

We work with many different activity and experience operators each with their own individual needs and policies. Travel Scavenger honours these policies.

To review the cancellation policy of an activity or experience simply click the “Terms and Conditions” tab under the activity/experience listing.

Should you need to cancel or amend a booking we recommend getting in touch as soon as possible with either the operator listed on your confirmation email or Travel Scavenger at help@travelscavenger.com

PLEASE NOTE: Travel Scavenger only conducts bookings on behalf of our “Instant Book” partners which, sadly, means we cannot honour any cancellations made through third-party links.

If you have a bad experience with anyone listed on our site please let us know so that we can work with the operator to ensure a more pleasurable experience for future travellers.


My search isn’t returning any results, what’s the deal?

This could be due to 1 of 2 things:
1) Maybe the selected filters are too strict or they contradict each other (e.g. a whale watching walking tour? Never say never but chances are those two don’t exactly work together)? Try adjusting your filters slightly and see what turns up this time! EDIT 01/08/16: What do you know we found a Whale Watching Walking Tour! 😯 Keep an eye out for it in your searches. Until then, we’ll work on a new example.

Still no luck?
2) Unfortunately, this may mean we simply haven’t found an experience to match your criteria yet. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist though! If you think there’s gotta be something out there that fits the bill and we don’t have it, let us know and we’ll do our best to scavenge up something that matches! Seriously. Let us know.

I’m an adventure/activity operator and would like to be listed/offer my experiences on your site. What should I do?

First off, awesome! We’d love the opportunity to work with you. Please feel free to fill out our contact form or get in touch with us directly at: supplier@travelscavenger.com

Didn’t answer your question? Contact Us.