Balmain Pub Walk


Balmain is Sydney's most famous 'pub-urb' as it has the highest pub to people ratio in Australia.

The pubs here have seen it all, convicts, movie stars, gangsters,Olympians and even been the birthplace of a major political party.

Our 2.5 hour tour weaves through the streets and stories of Balmain visiting 4 of its most iconic pubs where you can enjoy a choice of craft beer or wine in each.


Tour highlights include:

- Balmain's Oldest Pub

- The Watch House
- Escape from Cockatoo island

- Balmain gangsters

- The Balmain Tigers' 'Team of the Penitentiary'
- Duelling colonists

- The murderous confectioner

- The hidden treasure of Australia's most audacious robbery

- and many more tales of murder, vice and intrigue


Duration : 4
Destination : Sydney, NSW
Product Code : P44DLP

From AUD $80.00

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